How to streamline warehouse picking and speed up delivery with Binary Brains forecasting API

Binary Brains
October 11, 2021

AI-forecasting is the key to enhancing warehouse efficiency

One of Sweden's largest logistic companies reached out to Binary Brains with a desire to improve their warehouse logistics and ultimately decrease delivery time. 

We developed a solution for classifying products to priority picking zones, based on AI-powered forecasting, to make product picking more efficient and ultimately help our client manage customer orders faster. We then integrated our solution into their warehouse management system, allowing the users to stay in the software they already feel comfortable working with and keeping the same routines.  

By incorporating our solution, our client will now arrange products more efficiently in the warehouse, spend less time on analytics, have more accurate support in decision-making, and most importantly, improve delivery time to customers.  


How to combine internal and external data to optimize inventory placement

Effective warehouse design plays a key role in the supply chain and can elevate a business’ bottom line substantially. An optimal inventory management and storage efficiency, where you maximize the space you have, will contribute directly to a dynamic workflow, high delivery speed and customer satisfaction. This can be done in several ways, but everyone shares the same overall goal - to optimize efficient picking routes and keep delivery time low.

Forecasting incoming orders is an efficient way to arrange products to better meet a fast-paced customer demand. Thanks to artificial intelligence and forecasting models like Binary Brains, accurate forecasts are no longer a time-consuming process requiring a huge focus on a person's forecasting experience. When the forecasting model also includes data of external variables that affect your incoming flow, you know you have a 360 degree coverage in your forecasting result.  

Adding forecasting modules to existing systems retains workflow and speed

At Binary Brains, we work with companies in different industries to build creative solutions with the help of our forecasting modules. All our modules integrate in existing systems.

In this case, we quickly combined the client’s expertise within logistics with our expertise within the latest AI technology to build strong forecasting models.

To streamline the process from idea to working implementation, we split the work into three phases; proof of concept, integration, and deployment.

In this setup, we could efficiently gain insights into the possibilities of using the company's proprietary data combined with our data-sourcing technology.

All the benefits of using AI-powered forecasting were finally integrated into their current warehouse management system as insight modules that the users already feel comfortable working with. 


Contact us to learn what is possible with your data

Reach out to us at and let us help you add AI-powered forecasting modules to your systems.

We will analyze your data and add our third-party data to create an impactful combination that makes the predictions more qualified. We share these insights with your team and create an AI model as a proof of concept for you.

By the end of the discovery phase:

You will know what is possible with your data

• Get insights from the model and see what results you can anticipate

• Receive a business case for continuing and a plan for implementation

• After a successful discovery phase, we take care of the implementation, integration, and deployment.

What we do for other industries

If you want to know more about what we can do for restaurants, system owners or retail, please read our other stories under “Things we make possible”. 

Reach out to us at to talk more.