Optimise your sales based on location

Binary Brains
October 11, 2021

Predict sales based on location

Regardless of your size or business, we want to help you give your customers the best service and customer experience. Even if your location is cyberspace and you are an e-commerce.

  • Offer the right assortment at the right time
  • Master your fluctuating demand and order the right amount of products.
  • Do you have a smart screen in your store? Display your products based on demand and availability to drive sales.
  • Foresee sales and performance when launching new products.
  • Plan better campaigns with a higher conversion rate based on knowing your demand.

Know your demand everywhere

Predicting sales is complex, and a major challenge is to foresee the ever changing demand on a monthly basis. We all know that timing is essential and that a customer who can’t find what they’re looking to buy won’t wait. Sales opportunities are easy to lose. With our intelligent forecasts you can foresee what and the amount of products that will sell during all seasonal changes, and more importantly in between them. Intelligent forecasts can also help you plan your marketing, advertising and discounting activities even better, through knowing the period when a product will sell or struggle.

Our intelligent forecasts predict your fluctuating demand based on your location. And they integrate directly in the systems you already use. 

We simplify artificial intelligence to fit your needs

You don’t need to have a technical background to use our predictive modules. The value we offer includes full ownership and management of all data, modeling and integration. Enjoy focusing on your core business while we’re upgrading your systems on the go.

Sounds interesting?

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