How to make thousands of restaurants more profitable with Binary Brains forecasting AI

Binary Brains
October 11, 2021

Caspeco - a success story

Caspeco, the leading app for managing restaurants, partnered up with Binary Brains to give restaurants access to the latest prediction technology and to help them cut significant costs by scheduling the right amount of staff for each day.

Caspeco integrated our AI-powered forecasting modules to their existing app, creating a solution that can predict the daily sales for a restaurant based on their location.

By using Binary Brains technology and Caspeco’s app, every restaurant can become an expert on their sales and demand, and use these insights to optimize staff schedules - and their profits - based on their unique demand for any given day.

Adjusting staff schedules to demand is key for profitability

Running a restaurant means hard work and low margins. There are only so many costs you can control - staffing being the major one, where you can make a real impact as a manager.

By controlling and optimizing the staffing costs and scheduled hours, any restaurant can turn a bad business day into a profitable one. 

Forecasting future sales allows managers to optimize schedules

By using Binary Brains predictive technologies, it’s possible to understand in advance how much sales the restaurant will have for any given day in the future.

Why does this matter? You see, when empowered with the knowledge of the difference between your daily sales, restaurant managers can make sure to schedule staff according to every day’s unique demand. Thereby lowering staff costs on days with low sales.


How Binary Brains added AI to the existing systems

At Binary Brains, we partner with other companies that build software for different industries. Together with our partner Caspeco we quickly combined expertise within the hospitality industry and the latest AI technology.

To make sure the project was able to move fast from idea to working implementation, we split the work into three phases; Discovery, Implementation and Deployment.

In this setup, we could quickly and with a low cost gain insights into the possibilities of using Caspeco’s own data and app combined with our data-sourcing technology.

All the benefits from using AI forecasting were integrated and accessible in the app that the restaurant managers already use daily - Caspeco. No need for another app and separate logins.

Contact us to learn what is possible with your data

Reach out to us at and let us help you add AI and predictive analytics to your company.

We will analyze your data, and add our third party data to create an impactful combination that makes the predictions more qualified. We share these insights with your team and create an AI model as a proof of concept for you.

 By the end of the discovery phase:

  • You will know what is possible with your data
  • Get insights from the model and see what results you can anticipate
  • Receive a business case for continuing and a plan for implementation

After a successful discovery phase, we take care of the implementation, integration and deployment.

What we do for restaurants and other industries

While optimizing staff scheduling using sales predictions is very powerful, there are more ways we can help restaurants optimize their results.

For example, we can help a large restaurant chain cut their daily waste costs by optimizing what produce to buy. In that case, AI models are used to predict and optimize the right amount of produce to buy for each order.

If you want to know more about what we can do for logistics or retail, you can read our other stories.

Reach out to us at to talk more.