How Binary Brains helps a large restaurant chain lower waste and cut food costs

Binary Brains
October 11, 2021

Success case: the restaurants become more profitable and sustainable with one tool

One of the largest restaurant chains in Sweden partnered up with Binary Brains to give their restaurants access to the latest prediction technology that would help them lower their purchasing costs as well as their food waste. By predicting demand in a more efficient way they could improve their purchasing model and save costs as well as food that was wasted due to changes in demand that traditional prognoses couldn’t foresee.

The restaurant chain integrated our AI-powered forecasting modules into their central purchasing system, creating a combination of solutions that can predict and order the right amount of goods that needs to be purchased each week, based on their location.

Due to this simple solution, the restaurant chain can maintain consistency in every location and optimize their inventory management as a whole, without changing anything in their workflow or routine. 

Staying ahead of an ever changing demand to boost overall profit

The restaurant industry is complex and busy. Offering your customers the best customer experience possible is on top of every restaurant manager’s priority. It is challenging to surprise as well as to cater to your customers needs, as these not only come with seasonal changes but also with changes in trends and other external influences that are hard to foresee with traditional methods. 

Binary Brains method is based on artificial intelligence which can process more data than any other statistical method or tool. We add external third party data to the traditional historical sales (for example) data, which makes the demand predictions more accurate, such as dates, events near your restaurant etc that have an impact on the restaurant's demand based on location. 

We meet restaurants at any digital knowledge level with solid guarantees

As our predictions integrate directly in the systems the restaurants already use, there is no need for additional digital knowledge or experience to use our intelligent forecasts. 

In this case, the restaurants can now see a pre-filled shopping list in their purchasing system, which they can correct manually if necessary.

Integrating and using artificial intelligence-based predictions could sound intimidating, but we take care of the whole implementation process, so for our end customer it is as easy as turning on the computer. 

Contact us to learn what is possible with your data

Reach out to us at and let us help you add AI and predictive modules to your systems.

We will analyze your data, and add our third party data to create an impactful combination that makes the predictions more qualified. We share these insights with your team and create an AI model as a proof of concept for you.

 By the end of the discovery phase:

  • You will know what is possible with your data
  • Get insights from the model and see what results you can anticipate
  • Receive a business case for continuing and a plan for implementation

After a successful discovery phase, we take care of the implementation, integration, and deployment.

What we do for restaurants and other industries

While optimizing purchasing models using demand predictions is very powerful, there are more ways we can help restaurants optimize their results.

For example we can help restaurants cut significant costs by scheduling the right amount of staff for each day. In that case, AI models are used to predict the right amount of sales and visitors to optimize scheduling and gain profit as well as maintaining a great customer experience. 

If you want to know more about what we can do for logistics or retail, please read our other stories.

Reach out to us at to talk more.